Join Backpack Buddies!

Our chapter of the National Honor Society invites the CCS student body to join us in Backpack Buddies, a program that helps supply weekend meals to children in need.  NHS members put up laminated posters today outside each classroom to identify one category of food that the class members are asked to contribute.  The categories will change by month to help keep it simple and easy to remember.
Our members will go by the classrooms weekly to collect any donations and take them to our distribution room set up at the end of the Upper School hallway.  We pack the bags each Friday and take them to the elementary school in our area by lunchtime.  The children pick up their backpacks before they go home for the weekend and bring the backpacks back to their guidance counselor on Monday.
Letter to Student Body
Thank you for your help!
Mrs. Choplin, NHS Adviser
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