Nov. 12-28: Peanut Roasters Fundraiser

The annual Peanut Roaster fundraiser is coming soon! Order forms will be sent home on Monday, November 12, with the students.

  • Orders are due in by Wednesday November 28.
  • Delivery is scheduled for Monday, December 10.

This is the only school wide fundraiser that CCS will participate in this school year. Not only is this an easy fundraiser, but all of the proceeds from your child’s sales go directly to fund projects and/or activities for your child’s specific grade. For example, students in 9th-11th grades will have their proceeds go towards their class account to help with upcoming events (such as the prom for juniors), while seniors will have their proceeds go towards their senior trip.

Lower School funds will go towards additional items for the playground, as well as the purchase of another set of risers for the cafetorium to use with the various events and performances that the Lower School students participate in during the year. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Russell at

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