College Planning

College planning begins with the idea that your child wants to go to college, and to plant that seed and cultivate that idea, Crossroads promotes the idea that there is more after high school, beginning with our middle school students.

Class of 2014 in front of Old Well at UNC-CH

2014 Seniors at UNC

Kelly Choplin is our CCS College Admissions Counselor. To assist our students with college planning, she coordinates several activities for our students throughout the year:

  • campus visits
  • college fairs
  • PSAT testing
  • ASVAB testing
  • career interests inventories
  • panel discussions with CCS alumni to share college/career experiences
  • parent information meetings
  • online resources for college planning, SAT/ACT prep, etc.

Links to check out:

2014 Seniors at ASU

2014 Seniors at ASU

Kelly Choplin, College Admissions Counselor

Questions for our College Admissions Counselor?
Phone: 252-431-1333