Dual Enrollment

“Dual enrollment” means that students are enrolled in high school, working toward their high school diplomas, and are also taking college-level courses through community college or other institutions that offer that option. Dual enrollment is not to be taken lightly; most programs will only allow 11th and 12th graders with a solid GPA and recommendations from their schools to participate. Grades earned at the college level become permanent records that follow students no matter which college or university they attend later.

NOTE:  Speak with Admissions staff at these institutions and at the colleges/universities you plan to attend after high school to make sure your credits will transfer smoothly from one to the other. Do this BEFORE you sign up!

Below are a couple of avenues you may want to explore.

Career & College Promise Program (through NC community colleges)

Dual enrollment, Learn and Earn, Huskins, and other programs for high school students to earn college credit through the local community college has been discontinued as of fall 2011.  Governor Perdue has endorsed the Career and College Promise Program, which replaces all the others with one streamlined choice.  The new program became active in January 2012.

According to the Vance-Granville Community College website: 
Career and College Promise offer structured opportunities for qualified high school students to pursue one of three pathways in community college that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level job skills. Academic credits earned through Career and College Promise pathways shall enable students who continue into post-secondary education, after high school graduation, to complete an undergraduate degree in less time than high school students without college credit would need to complete. Enrollment in the Career and College Promise Program will be available to public, private, and home-schooled high school students.

Career Technical Education Pathway

The Career Technical Education Pathway leads to a certificate or diploma aligned with one or more high school Tech Prep Career Clusters. Details will become available in late fall 2011 after being developed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges and State Board of Education.

College Transfer Pathway

The College Transfer Pathway leads to a college transfer certificate requiring the successful completion of thirty semester hours of transfer courses, including English and mathematics, for qualified junior and senior high school students. Details will become available in late fall 2011 after being developed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges and State Board of Education.

Who is eligible?

  • High school juniors and seniors.
  • Students with at least a 2.8 grade point average on a 4.0 weighted scale.
  • Students who have demonstrated college readiness on an approved assessment or placement test.

CCS students who are on track to graduate with our requirements may enroll in classes during their senior year during the school day if their course schedules permit, and only with approval from the counselor and headmaster. Students who are attending half-days are considered “signed out” after their 4th period class.  Students in the 11th grade may enroll in online classes or classes scheduled after school. Students should thoroughly research the options Vance-Granville (or any community college) offers through this program before making decisions about their senior year!  NOTE: Please read more about CCS dual enrollment policies in the Student Handbook, Section 3.22.

Additional Resources:

Logo for Liberty University The Edge Program

The Edge: Liberty University Online Academy

Liberty University Online Academy offers a dual enrollment program, The Edge, specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who are looking for the academic edge of earning college credit before graduation from high school.

Admission requirements & tuition information are located at http://www.luonline.com/degrees/high-school/.

And remember…students can also look into the Concurrent Enrollment opportunities each year through our partnership with the College at Southeastern (Wake Forest, NC).