Transcript Requests

If you need transcripts sent to a college, please fill out the Transcript Request Form and turn it in to Kelly Choplin, College Admissions Counselor. Make sure you don’t wait til the last minute to do this; Mrs. Choplin will need some time to generate, double-check, and mail your transcript. Colleges usually want the transcript sealed and mailed directly from CCS to their Admissions, but you can request an unofficial copy for yourself, if you need it.

You may submit your Transcript Request Form in one of these ways:

  • fax the Transcript Request Form to (252) 431-0333,
  • hand deliver it to the school,
  • download it & edit it as Word document, then email it as an attachment to, or
  • mail it to the school at PO Box 249, Henderson, NC 27536.

Kelly Choplin, College Admissions Counselor Questions about transcripts? Call Mrs. Choplin at 252-431-1333 or email her at  You are welcome to make an appointment to visit with her.