Concurrent Enrollment

Some CCS classes are eligible for concurrent enrollment for CCS high school credit and College at Southeastern college credit. Class offerings are dependent upon our faculty availability and student interest each year.

The CCS classes eligible for concurrent high school and college credit are these:

  CCS Course Southeastern Course Credit Credit Hours Earned
1 Natural Science Natural Science 3
2 Honors English IV English Composition I 3
3 Modern US History American History II 3
4 Bible 12 – Apologetics World Cultures & Religions 3
5 Computer Applications II Introduction to Computers 3

What are the Costs?

There is a $265 tuition fee for EACH course taken concurrently. Tuition fees will be paid directly to Southeastern during online student enrollment, which will take place in January of the current school year (spring semester).

Will the Credits Transfer?

The College at Southeastern has created a transferability spreadsheet showing which classes will be accepted by other colleges and universities. 

Concurrent Classes – Transfer Credits Chart

How to Enroll in Concurrent Classes

Even though students will not officially enroll in Southeastern courses until the spring, concurrent enrollment courses offered through CCS are full-year courses. CCS students will sign up for concurrent enrollment courses during course selections before school ends or over the summer.

Other Important Information

  • There may be additional work required for students taking a concurrent enrollment course that is not required for students not taking the course concurrently.
  • The GPA scale for concurrent courses will follow the designated scale for the CCS class taken.  No extra quality points will be awarded.
  • A minimum number of CCS students must enroll in a concurrent enrollment course before it will officially be made available through Southeastern.
  • At the end of the year, students may obtain a transcript from Southeastern with their college course credits by ordering online at Transcripts will be available to order after the registrar has entered the final grades (this could take place anywhere from 1-3 weeks after our last day of school).  CCS does not provide the transcripts to students or have them sent to other colleges.

Don’t forget…the Career and College Promise program (also known as “Dual Enrollment”) through the NC Community College System also allows students to take college courses while in high school. More info on this program is on our Dual Enrollment page.