Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements at CCS are designed to ensure that a student will meet the minimum college entrance requirements at most universities (including all 17 institutions in the UNC system). Students should check with the Admissions staff of their intended colleges for specific requirements.

The High School Curriculum Overview below is an outline of the current graduation requirements, with the suggested grade level for each course. Students transferring from other schools may find themselves following a different order of classes. Students who are transferring from other learning environments will not be penalized for courses that were not offered. In some situations, students may be required to obtain credit from independent study, dual enrollment at a college, or summer courses from an approved institution.

Basic overview of graduation requirements (see documents below for more detailed outlines):

  • English – 4 units
  • Foreign Language – 2 units (same language)
  • Mathematics – 4 units
  • Science – 4 units
  • Bible – 4 units
  • Social Studies – 4 units
  • Physical Education – 1 unit
  • Required Electives – 3 units
  • Free Electives – 2 units per year of high school

NOTE:  Students who transfer from other schools without these same requirements will not be penalized for courses omitted.

Need a transcript of your high school coursework?   A transcript is a document which shows all courses you have completed in high school. Middle school and elementary classes do not appear on a transcript.