High School

CCS offers a college prepatory high school curriculum. Honors courses are offered in 9-12 Language Arts and 8-12 Math. Some college credit courses are offered to 11th-12th grade students. All high school students (grades 9-12) take the daily core subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. In addition, CCS students are required to take at least two full years of Spanish and one year of communications classes.  Each student is also required to take two elective courses each year (one 2-day/week class and one 3-day/week class). Juniors and seniors can also take advantage of the Career and College Promise program, taking community college courses while in high school.

High School Curriculum Guide – 9th-12th Grades (Updated 6/22/2018)

Elective Courses

Computer Applications I and II (1 unit required for graduation)
Honors Literature
Science Lab
Library Science
Art I-IV
Praise Band
Health (required for all 9th grade students)
Physical Education (required for all 9th grade students – 1 unit required for graduation)
Boys Strength and Conditioning
Home Economics

Extracurricular Activities

National Beta Club
Open to 6th-9th students who maintain an 85 average of all core classes, with no C’s in any class, each quarter. Beta Club members will be involved in numerous leadership and community service activities throughout the school year.  Please see the Beta Club page for more information.

National Honor Society
Open to 10th-12th students who maintain a GPA of 3.50 or better.  Please see the National Honor Society page for more information.

Student Council
Students are elected by their classes to serve for the entire year. Students must meet minimum grade requirements. Conduct and character will also be considered when nominated. Students will be expected to help organize and lead numerous activities, both at school and in the community, throughout the school year.  High school students also have the opportunity to campaign for election as student body officers.  Please see the Student Council page for more information.

Homecoming Committee
Students who volunteer to serve on the Homecoming Committee are responsible for planning and organization of Spirit Week festivities, including the games, dress-up days, and Homecoming Court ceremony.  Please see the Homecoming page for more information.

Prom Committee
Students who volunteer for the Prom Committee are representatives from the Junior class who are in charge of fundraising and planning the Junior/Senior prom held in May each school year.