Your Senior Year

So Much to Do!

Your Senior Year Checklist

Websites You Need to Check Out

College Foundation of North Carolina (College Foundation of North Carolina) – for planning for college & career, applying to colleges in North Carolina, including community colleges and the four-year colleges/universities, figuring out financial aid options,  and finding NC scholarships.  If you are applying to NC colleges, use this website for the application and it will allow you to apply to more than one NC school faster.

College Board ( – for exploring careers, finding colleges in the US, registering and preparing for the SAT, & learning about financial options.

Common App – The Common Application (Common App) is one way for you to apply to college – you complete all the information about yourself and identify teachers/counselors to help you with recommendations through this application. The colleges you choose that participate in this application portal will then download what they need for their individual requirements. So…you work on one application and several colleges can access what they want from it. Saves a lot of time rather than going to each individual college and filling out one application at the time. At this time, 913 colleges across the US are part of Common App:

And now the free Common App app is available (it actually came out last year but it’s better now). Since there’s been an increase in the number of applications being made using cell phones, it’s going to make things easier. Check out this page for all the info:

Military Tuition Assistance ( – Going through military channels to get your college education and possibly a career.

What I Can Do With This Major – Shows the areas covered by the major, the employers, and the strategies for getting those jobs with your major.

Transcript Requests

To have your high school transcripts sent to the colleges or scholarship programs of your choice, you must complete a Transcript Request Form and turn it in to Mrs. Choplin.

Transcript Request Form

Teacher Recommendations

Before asking a teacher, counselor, pastor, co-worker, etc. to write a recommendation letter for your college application or scholarship application, complete the Recommendation Letter Cheat Sheet and give it to your writer to help him/her form a well-rounded and detailed picture of you to the college admissions committees or those scholarship committees!

Recommendation Letter Cheat Sheet (.pdf)
Recommendation Letter Cheat Sheet (.docx)

Find Financial Aid

10 Tips for Getting Financial Aid for College

Be sure to check out the Resources page under College Planning for more links to valuable resources!