Lower School

The Lower School at Crossroads Christian School includes students from kindergarten through fifth grades. The teachers and administration of the Lower School strive to provide a structured and nurturing environment, where the spiritual, social, and academic needs of all students can be addressed.

Lower School students receive grade-level
appropriate instruction in the following areas:

  • Bible
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Each Lower School class has a daily opportunity to attend an enrichment class, called “specials,” which include the following:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Computer (K4-5th)
  • Library
  • PE

The Lower School family worships together each Tuesday morning in Chapel. The Lower School teachers offer after-school tutoring in various academic areas. The tutoring schedules are developed by each individual teacher. It is the desire of the Lower School teachers and administration to see spiritual, social, and academic growth in each child throughout the school year.

Lower School classes each enjoy a snack every day. Students are responsible for bringing in their own snack daily. Classes go to lunch on a staggered schedule. Our cafeteria offers a hot lunch each day, with a salad bar available daily, and a soup of the week available in the winter months. Ice cream, cookies, and other snacks are available for sale through the cafeteria as well. Lower School students may also bring their own lunch from home, and microwaves are available in the cafeteria for any heat-ups.

Lower School students have the opportunity throughout the school year to be involved in extracurricular activities. ACSI, one of our school’s accrediting agencies, sponsors a Spelling Bee and Math Olympics, both held in the spring. Students also participate in class field trips to various points of interest throughout the school year. Girls can join the Little Colts cheer squad (grades K4 – 3rd) or the Junior Colts cheer squad (4th & 5th grades) to help cheer on our basketball teams during the winter sports season. Lower School students also perform a Christmas musical and a Spring musical each school year, which is always a real treat!

Lower School
Bonnie Hunter Hunter, Bonnie
– Kindergarten
B.A. in Sociology
M.A. in Women’s Studies
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 5
Email: bhunter@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2206
Amanda Beveridge Beveridge, Amanda
– 1st Grade
– Little Colts Coach
B.A. in Communications from North Carolina State University
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 19
Email: abeveridge@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2203
Ms. Brauer Brauer, Jennifer
– 2nd Grade
B.S. in Psychology from Meredith College
K-6 NC Certification
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 25
Email: jbrauer@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2205
Karen Dougherty Doherty, Karen
– 3rd Grade
– ACSI Spelling Bee Coordinator for CCS
– Little Colts Assistant Coach
M.Ed. in Reading from The Citadel, S.C.
B.S. in Psychology/Sociology/Elementary Education from Russell Sage College (Troy, NY)
New York Permanent Certification (N-8)
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 28
Email: kdoherty@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2211
Himes, Denise
– 3rd Grade
M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning from Liberty University
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 5
Email: dhimes@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2211
Pernell, Jamie
– 4th Grade
B.S. in Elementary Education from East Carolina University
NC Certification – Child Development and Family Relations (CDFR)
Years teaching: 9
Email: jpernell@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2213
Bartholomew, Alison
– 5th Grade
B.S. in Elementary Education from Campbell University
NC Certification: K-6 & Middle School Language Arts
Years teaching: 6 in the classroom; 7 homeschool
Email: abartholomew@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2216
 Kim Burton Burton, Kim
– Reading Specialist
– Media Center
– Lower School Lead Teacher
B.A. in History, Meredith College
K-6 NC Certification
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 21
Email: kburton@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2204
Anita Capps Capps, Anita
– Math Specialist
B.A. in Elementary Education K-6, Math 5 – Algebra I, Marshall University
Years teaching: 10
Email: acapps@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2212
Rhonda Page Page, Rhonda
– K3 through 5th Grade Music
– 6th-8th Chorus
A.A.S. in Fine Arts from North Greenville Baptist College
B.M.E. Choral from Winthrop University
M.A.C.E. from Campbell University Divinity School
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 7
Email: rpage@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2404
Ficek, Robin
– After-School Care
– Assistant for K3, 1st, & 2nd grades
Years teaching: 7 in pre-school
Email: rficek@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2202
Mrs. Newbern Newbern, Annette
– K3 through 12th Grade Art
– 4th-8th Computer
– ACSI Art Festival Coordinator
B.S. in Commercial Art/Graphic Design; Minor in Computer Technology & Marketing, Appalachian State University
Years teaching: 6
ACSI Certified
Email: anewbern@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2403