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K3 Program

The K3 program at CCS is a hands-on “learn through play” environment for three-year-olds. Our program is designed to provide a happy and caring Christian atmosphere, providing students with opportunities for a variety of experiences designed to meet the emotional, cognitive, creative, social, and physical needs of each child.

A few of the reasons to visit us:

  • Excellent teacher-to-student ratio
  • Christian-based curriculum
  • 10-month and 12-month program options
  • Wide range of activities within a weekly thematic curriculum
  • Well trained and highly qualified teaching staff
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack provided
  • Competitive tuition fee rates

Download our flyer…  | Download our 2019-20 Preschool Handbook for K3.

Special Events:  Johnny Appleseed Celebration, Grandparents’ Day in September, Donuts with Dads in February, Munching with Moms in May, and more!


K4 Program

With our K4 program, we are dedicated to giving your child the best start on life by laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We advocate helping children develop personal integrity and enable them to think critically, work cooperatively, and solve problems creatively. Our curriculum provides experiences that enable children to make sense of what they are learning and to connect their knowledge to everyday life. After-care is included, if needed.

  • To provide an environment where children grow spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • To instruct the children from a Christian and Biblical point of view ,incorporating Bible stories and practices in Christian living.
  • To nurture the children so they develop a positive self -concept and to equip them with the skills to build and broaden their interpersonal relationships.
  • To provide a flexible program that includes a mixture of free play as well as planned activities.
  • To develop skills in letter and sounds, simple phonic concepts, math, science, and social studies.

Curriculum & Daily Activities

A balanced curriculum for preschool children includes the following areas:

  1. Gross motor skills–running, skipping, hopping, and throwing
  2. Fine motor skills–finger plays, drawing, coloring and cutting
  3. Language/phonics–all letters and sounds, long and short vowel sounds, blends, phonic rules, sentence formation, reading blends to short three letter words, and sight words
  4. Math–recognizing and writing numbers 1-20, counting by one’s to 100, counting by ten’s to 100, telling time, money, and simple addition
  5. Social Skills–sharing, trading, playing, discussing manners, politeness, caring for others, respecting property, parallel play, playing together, child/child, child/adult
  6. Life Skills–health and safety, dressing, name, phone number, parents’ names, address
  7. Music–singing, dancing, and dramatic play
  8. Art–process more important than product
  9. Science–units that discuss the seasons, weather, physical science, earth and space, and life science
  10. Social Studies-character building, health and safety, holidays, famous Americans in history, and my big world with Clifford series.

Units and themes that are developed in preschool will draw from these areas. Many activities will center on holidays and seasons. All will be designed to draw from the child’s experiential background while also exposing him/her to the wonder of new and different experiences.


K4 class will participate in extracurricular activities, such as art, computer, library, PE, and music. The K4 class will also attend chapel once a week. Lower school chapel is scheduled for every Tuesday (8:20 a.m.-9:00 a.m.).

Book Clubs

Scholastic book order forms will be sent home monthly. You may choose to purchase books for your child as gifts, to expand your home library, or for your child’s class.

2019-20 K4 Handbook


Preschool Faculty & Contact Info

Katherine Anderson Anderson, Katherine
– Preschool Director
– Colts Kids Camps –  Summer Camp Director
– Preschool Teacher
A.A.S. in Early Childhood, Vance-Granville Community College
Years teaching: 19
Email: | Phone Extension: 2122
Mrs. Harmon Harmon, Lindsay
– Preschool Aide (K4)
A.A.S. in Applied Sciences, Vance-Granville Community College
Years teaching: 1
Email: | Phone Extension: 2124
  Nichols, Hollie
– Pre-Kindergarten (K4)

Email: | Phone Extension: 2204

  Jarrell, Alicia
Newbern, Annette
– K3 through 12th Grade Art
– 4th-8th Computer
– ACSI Art Festival Coordinator
B.S. in Commercial Art/Graphic Design; Minor in Computer Technology & Marketing, Appalachian State University
Years teaching: 8
ACSI Certification
Email: | Phone Extension: 2403