February 6, 2017: Re-enrollment is Open!

Crossroads now uses RenWeb’s integrated re-enrollment tools to streamline re-enrollment of current students by moving it to an online environment.  No longer will families have to wait in line or fill out paperwork by hand because the whole process, including the beginning of the year packet of forms, will be done online.

An e-mail was sent to one member of each family with instructions on the re-enrollment process.

The discounted re-enrollment period ($150 per student) ends Saturday, February 18, 2017.

To begin the re-enrollment process:

  1. Log into Parents Web as you normally do.
  2. Open up Family Information.
  3. Select Enrollment/Re-enrollment.
  4. Choose to Start Enrollment Packet for your child.

New Student Referral Discount

Parents/Guardians may discount their tuition payments by aiding the school in enrolling new students (other than their own children).  A current family that refers a new student will earn a $500 tuition credit for the first student from a family that enrolls, and a $100 tuition credit for any additional child that enrolls from the same family; when that new student indicates on their application that they heard about the school through a current family.  This credit is applied upon enrollment of the referred student(s) into the CCS program. If the referred student(s) withdraws from school, the discount will be reduced accordingly.  The only limit of this discount is that it cannot exceed the cost of a family’s annual tuition (it cannot be carried over to the next school year).

Questions? Contact Mrs. Beth Pegram, the CCS Enrollment Coordinator, at 252-431-1333.