Electives Advice

Consider this when you are choosing:

For college applications, being editor, asst. editor, etc. (any office  or leadership position) of the newspaper, yearbook, or other jobs similar to these are positive things and actually would weigh heavier than having an SAT Prep/College Planning course listed as a “senior” elective – admissions counselors have told me they check to see if a student shows consistency or progression in one area that they love rather than taking a bunch of “popcorn” classes to pad their resume. Showing work on the newspaper or yearbook for more than one year meets that requirement, especially if you were chosen by your teacher to move up to a leadership position.

Call the Admissions Office of any college you are considering and ASK a counselor there which electives would be stronger to help you get into that college.  Always be willing to take a few minutes to call – getting the information straight from the college itself is best!