March 2020 Lunch Menu
February 2020 Lunch Menu

Special items available for Upper School break:

  • Monday – Sausage biscuit, chicken biscuit, plain biscuit, scone, hard-boiled egg
  • Tuesday – Bacon biscuit, bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit, plain biscuit, hard-boiled egg
  • Wednesday – Sausage biscuit, chicken biscuit, plain biscuit, cinnamon roll, hard-boiled egg
  • Thursday – Bacon biscuit, bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit, plain biscuit, hard-boiled egg
  • Friday – Sausage biscuit, plain biscuit, scone, hard-boiled egg

2019-2020 Cafeteria Price List (updated 8/07/2019)
Lunch Slips for Lower School
2019-20 Lunch Program Policies (updated 08/01/2019)

The CCS Cafeteria provides a different well-balanced meal each day of the week. The quality of food and service that is provided is exceptional. Each meal includes an entrée, at least two side items, and drink (milk, water, tea or juice). In addition, a salad bar is available every day. For those students who do not wish to purchase the meal of the day, a variety of other food items are also available. Students are allowed to order extra items for an additional cost. (See current Price List for food items & prices.)


  • If your child brings a lunchbox from home, send the condiments with him/her.
  • If your child does not bring in the condiments, he/she has the option to purchase them from the Cafeteria in the serving line.
  • If your child is purchasing a lunch in the cafeteria, he/she will be allowed one condiment per item.  For example, if we serve Chicken Nuggets and  French Fries, he/she will be allowed 2 ketchup cups, or 1 ketchup and 1 ranch, etc. Additional packets will be offered for a nominal charge.

Prices of condiments:

  • Ketchup cup, mayo, mustard packets – $.10 each
  • Ranch, Honey Mustard, BBQ cups – $.25 each

Morning Break

Middle and Upper school students have a morning break.  The Cafeteria offers biscuits, scones, muffins, cereal, and various other items for the students.

Note to Parents about Eating in Cafeteria

CCS invites parents to come each lunch with their children.  It is imperative that if you or a family member plans on purchasing a lunch in the cafeteria, you need to let the Cafeteria or your child’s teacher know before 8:30 a.m. on the day you plan to come so that the cafeteria staff can prepare enough food for lunch.

Payment Information

  1. Payment:
    • Daily – either cash or check.
    • Weekly or monthly – either cash or check.
    • Online through RenWeb – Pay using credit card or debit checking account.
  2. Parents are encouraged to check their balances often in RenWeb to make sure they have a positive balance on their child’s account.


It is imperative that you check your child’s balance on RENWEB every week.

  1. CCS Cafeteria has the discretion to close an account and terminate buying privileges if the account balance drops to a negative balance of $10.
  2. Upper School:  If you send in the account money with your child, please have him/her bring it to the cafeteria before school begins.  Lower School – please send money to your child’s teacher.
  3. Lower School students are NOT allowed to purchase items from the vending machines.

Dawn Overby

Questions for the cafeteria staff may be directed to
Dawn Overby through email at or
by phone at (919) 431-1333, x2308.