Katherine Anderson Anderson, Katherine
– Preschool Director
– Colts Kids Camps –  Summer Camp Director
– Preschool Teacher
A.A.S. in Early Childhood, Vance-Granville Community College
Years teaching: 19
Email: kanderson@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2122
Mrs. Harmon Harmon, Lindsay
– Preschool Aide (K3)
A.A.S. in Applied Sciences, Vance-Granville Community College
Years teaching: 1
Email: lharmon@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2124
McClelland, Jennifer
– Pre-Kindergarten (K4)
Certificate of Christian Ministry
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
14 years as Pre-K teacher
4 years as a T.A.
8 years In-home Daycare
Email: jmcclelland@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2204
  Ficek, Robin
– Assistant for K3 & K4
– Assistant for 3rd & 4th grades
Years teaching: 12 in pre-school as teacher assistant
Email: rficek@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2122
Lower School
Marlowe, Bonnie Hunter
– Kindergarten
– Coach for Little Colts Cheer Squad
B.A. in Sociology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.A. in Women’s Studies, University of West Georgia
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 9
Email: bmarlowe@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2201
Wade, Jennifer
– Preschool (K2-3)
B.S. in Elementary Education, Liberty University
ACSI Certification – in progress
Years teaching: 3
Email: jwade@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2203
Hollie Crickenberger Nichols, Hollie Crickenberger
– 1st Grade
B.S. in Psychology from Lees-McRae College
M.A. in Teaching: Elementary  Education from Liberty University
ACSI Certification in progress
Years teaching: 2 years as teacher assistant; 1 year as lead teacher
Email: hnichols@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2203
Short, Wendy
– 1st Grade
B.S. in Child Development from Meredith College
K-6 NC Certification
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 22
Email: wshort@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2206
Brauer, Jennifer
– 2nd Grade
B.S. in Psychology & Teaching Certification from Meredith College
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 28
Email: jbrauer@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2205
Doherty, Karen
– 3rd Grade
– ACSI Spelling Bee Coordinator
M.Ed. in Reading from The Citadel, S.C.
B.S. in Psychology/Sociology/Elementary Education from Russell Sage College (Troy, NY)
New York Permanent Certification (N-8)
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 10 years at CCS (32 total)
Email: kdoherty@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2211
Jamie Pernell Pernell, Jamie W.
– 4th Grade
B.S. in Elementary Education from East Carolina University
NC Certification – Child Development and Family Relations (CDFR)
Years teaching: 12
Email: jpernell@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2213
Bartholomew, Alison
– 5th Grade 
B.S. in Elementary Education from Campbell University
NC Certification: K-6 & Middle School Language Arts
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 9 in the classroom; 7 homeschool
Email: abartholomew@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2216
Jarrell, Alicia
– Music (K3 – 8th)
– Computer (Lower School)
– After-School Care Program
– Upper School Drama elective
B.A. in Music, Lee University
M.A. in Business Leadership & Management, Liberty University
M.A. in Human Services Counseling (Family & Children)
ACSI Certified
Years teaching: 3
Email: ajarrell@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2404/2202
Upper School
Capps, Anita
– 6th-8th Math
–  Algebra I
B.A. in Elementary Education K-6, Math 5 – Algebra I Marshall University
ACSI Certification
Virginia State License
Years teaching: 13
Email: acapps@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2602
Capps, Jonathan E. (Headmaster)
– Accounting (12th grade)
B.S. in Business Management, Liberty University
M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision, Liberty University
Years teaching: 20
ACSI Certification
Email: jcapps@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2104
Mr. Coghill William “Holden” Coghill
– Physical Education
– Varsity Boys Soccer – Head Coach
– Varsity Girls Soccer – Head Coach
– B.S. – Sports Management, Liberty University
– Years teaching: 5
Email: hcoghill@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2418
Jenny Cranfill Cranfill, Jenny
– 6th – 9th Science
B.A. in Psychology, University of North Carolina – Wilmington
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 4
Email: jcranfill@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2604
Fleming, Bethany
– 8th English
– 9th & 10th Honors English
– 11th CP English
– Home Economics
 – 9th Computer
–  Yearbook Adviser
B.A. in Communications with a minor in English and Women’s Ministry from Louisiana Baptist University
ACSI Certification; FACCS; Pre-AP in English
Years teaching: 15
Email: bfleming@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2613
Mr. Hardy Hardy, Greg
– Principal
– Adv. Functions, Statistics, & Trigonometry
– Physics
– 8th Grade Bible
Ed.S. – Educational Leadership, Liberty University
M.S. – Guidance & Counseling, Radford University
B.S. – Physical Education, Virginia Tech 
A.A.S. – Engineering, Ferrum College 
Years teaching: 30
Email: ghardy@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2110
Mrs. De Haseth Maria De Haseth
– Upper School Spanish
– B.A. – Bible & Spanish
– Years teaching: 14
Email: mdehaseth@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2605
 Alicia Jarrell Jarrell, Alicia
– Music (K3 – 8th)
– Computer (K4 – 4th)
– After-School Care Program
B.A. in Music, Lee University
M.A. in Business Leadership & Management, Liberty University
M.A. in Human Services Counseling (Family & Children)
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 2
Email: ajarrell@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2404/2202
May, Mandy
– 7th Grade Class Sponsor
– 6th & 7th English
– 7th &  8th History
– National Jr. Beta Club/Beta Club Sponsor
B.S. in Communications from East Carolina University
M.A. in Teaching from East Carolina University
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 8
Email: amay@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2601
Newbern, Annette
– Art (K3 – 12th)
– Computer (5th-8th) 
– ACSI Art Festival Coordinator
B.S. in Commercial Art/Graphic Design; Minor in Computer Technology & Marketing, Appalachian State University
Years teaching: 9
ACSI Certification
Email: anewbern@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2403
Richardson, Scottie
– Boys’ Strength & Conditioning high school elective
– Athletic Director
– Coach – Varsity Boys Basketball
B.S. in Marketing/Management, Meredith College
ACSI Certification
Years teaching: 23
Email: srichardson@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2419
Russell, Ryan
– 11th Grade Class Co-Sponsor (Prom)
– 12th Bible (Apologetics)
– Chemistry
– Honors Algebra I
– Geometry/Honors Geometry
– Honors Precalculus
– Praise Band Coordinator
– Bible Department Chair
– Student Aide Coordinator
– ACSI Accreditation Coordinator
B.S. in Computer Science & Math, Averett University
M.A. in Christian Education, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
11 years as a youth pastor
Years teaching: 10
ACSI Certification – Lifetime
Email: rrussell@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2615
Salinas, Christina
– 12th Grade Homeroom
– 9th &  10th CP English
– 10th Writing & Communications
– 11th & 12th Honors English
– 12th CP English
– College at Southeastern Concurrent Class
– Honors Literature
– Senior Sponsor
– B.A. in English (Concentration in Secondary Education), North Carolina State University
Years teaching: 11
ACSI Certified
NC Teaching License
Email: csalinas@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2607
Mr. Savage Jacob Savage
– Upper School Bible
– B.A. – Preaching & Church Leadership
– ACSI Certification – Bible Specialist
– Years teaching:  7
Email: jsavage@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2129
Mr. Smith Smith, Kenny
– Upper School History/Social Studies
– M.Div. – Professional Ministries, Liberty University
Email: ksmith@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2603
Finley Woodward Woodward, Finley
– Honors Calculus
– Algebra II/Honors Algebra II
– Golf Coach
– B.A. in Education, Middle Tennessee State University
Years teaching: 7
Email: fwoodward@ccscolts.org | Phone Extension: 2614