Student Life

Students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to give them ways to explore their interests and learn to work together in service.

Student Council

Representatives are selected from each class in Grades 6-12 for the Student Council.


Each January students of all ages take part in Spirit Week activities and competitions, leading up to our Homecoming games and after-parties.  A student-led Homecoming Committee works all year to prepare this event.


Fall, winter, & spring sports for boys and girls including soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, cross-country, tennis, and cheerleading.

Fine Arts

Growing opportunities for boys and girls including yearbook, basic and advanced art, and Praise Band.

National Honor Society & National Junior Beta Club

Each spring students are inducted into the National Honor Society (10th – 12th) and National Junior Beta Club (6th – 9th).

Junior/Senior Prom

The Junior Class hosts a formal prom for the Senior Class.  A student-led Prom Committee works all year to plan, fundraise, and execute this event.

Community Service

Each year students of all ages take part in service projects for several organizations including Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, Rebuilding Hope, and the Men’s Homeless Shelter of Henderson.

Recreation & Outdoor Club (ROC)

Available to high school students, this club offers students the opportunity to get out and explore nature through activities that involve hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, ziplining, etc.

Senior Trip

Each year the senior class votes on a week-long trip, including a missions component.

ACSI Competitions & Festivals

CCS oftens hosts and takes part in art festivals, spelling bees, creative writing competitions, desktop publishing competitions, and Math Olympics, all sponsored through ACSI.


CCS publishes an annual yearbook which showcases our students in their clubs, activities, events, and classes. Students may elect to take yearbook as an elective during 10th – 12th grade years.