Beta Club

*NOTE* – Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, 6th grade will move to the lower school and will no longer be included in Junior Beta Club.


The National Beta Club is an academic honors club for grades 7th through 9th at our school. Students must maintain an 85 average of all core classes, with no C’s in any classes, each quarter to be inducted and maintain their membership.

The National Beta Club places a strong emphasis on service to school and community, and the CCS Beta Club works hard to meet those standards.

2019-20 Induction

On December 11, 2019, these students were inducted in to the school’s chapter of the National Junior Beta Club (grades 6-8) in a candlelight ceremony followed by a reception.

Junior Beta Club Induction Group Shot

6th Grade

  • Jackson Anderson
  • Luke Ball
  • Addison Barrow
  • Anderson Boyd
  • Bryce Burton
  • Natalie Edwards
  • Kasey Gooch
  • Cason Hilliard
  • Rebekah Himes
  • Caroline Honeycutt
  • Zachary Jackson
  • Annah Newman
  • Caden Paschall
  • Haley Reese
  • Tyler Seaman
  • Shane Watkins
  • Ryan Weinelt
  • Layton Woodward

7th Grade

  • Alex Glenn
  • Gideon Smith
  • Noah Wagner

8th Grade

  • Forrest Capps

2018-19 Induction

2018-19 Beta Club Induction
In November of 2018, the students marked with an asterisk were inducted in to the school’s chapter of the National Junior Beta Club (grades 6-8), and the rest were inducted in to the National Senior Beta Club (grade 9):

1. Adcock, Ryan
2. Blackwell, Kaylan*
3. Bobbitt, Nathaniel*
4. Brantley, Adam*
5. Cogdill, Merritt*
6. Darnell, Emily*
7. Edwards, Haley*
8. Elkerson, Austin*
9. Ellington, Addison
10. Fowler, Rebecca*
11. Hutson, Zachary*
12. May, Madison
13. Meeks, Jackson
14. O’Donoghue, Marie
15. Owens, Allison*
16. Owens, Lillian
17. Paschall, Cody*
18. Sawyer, Shelby
19. Shah, Nicholas
20. Shah, Thomas*
21. Terry, Kayla
22. Wade, Ava*
23. Williams, Jeremiah*
24. Williamson, Zachary

2017-18 Induction

A community of students that focus on academic achievements as well as community service was honored on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  CCS held their 11th Beta Club Induction Ceremony to recognize new members.  The proceedings were led by the current leaders of the Beta Club with Lakin Greathouse as president, Sam Boyd as vice president, Will Burton as treasurer, Landyn Wiggins as secretary, and Noah Brantley as chaplin. Luke Williams spoke on behalf of the new members. The new members took part in a pledge that has been a Beta Club tradition since 1934.  The inductees were then pinned and received a certificate of membership. 

The new members included from the 6th grade:

  1. Will Alston
  2. Colby Bargfrede
  3. Haley Edwards
  4. Hailey Grissom
  5. Noah Newbern
  6. Julian Pahl
  7. Matthew Perkinson
  8. Shane Sawyer
  9. Caroline Wiard
  10. Luke Williams

The 7th grade included these new members:

  1. Zachary Bartholomew
  2. Abbigale Cranfill
  3. Zoie Hutson
  4. Anna Jacobs
  5. Logan Ross
  6. Pamela Stevenson
  7. Brycelyn Woodward

8th grade:

  1. Marie O’Donoghue
  2. Shelby Sawyer
  3. Nicholas Shah

The 9th grade members were inducted into the Senior Beta Club and included Noah Brantley, Will Burton, Isaac Corrigan, Hope Macklin, Anna Parker, Haley Patterson, Noah Puckett, Justice Simmons, William Wiard, and Caden Woodward.

The events of the afternoon concluded with a reception for the family and friends of the new inductees as well as current members of the Beta Club. 

2016-17 Induction

The CCS Junior and Senior chapters of the National Beta Club inducted new members on November 16, 2016 in the school library.  The traditional candlelight ceremony included the Beta Club objectives:

  • White candle – light, purity and faith
  • Red candle – pure love, wisdom and bravery
  • Blue candle – truth, constancy and fidelity
  • Black candle – dignity, restraint and seriousness
  • Gold candle – warmth, friendship and faithfulness

Nine Senior Beta and nine Junior Beta candidates were inducted this year, giving the CCS chapter a total of 33 students.  For students to be invited to join and to maintain their membership in the chapter, they must maintain an 85 average of all core classes combined, without a C in any class, and have no less than Satisfactory (S) in citizenship.

Mrs. Lisa Williams, the Beta Club sponsor, looks forward to working with all current members and the new members for the remainder of the school year as they continue their mission work.  They have already purchased supplies needed for the relief efforts in the eastern part of NC as a result of Hurricane Matthew, they will be sending letters to soldiers in the near future, and they will soon be selling the candy bars for their annual fundraiser.  Congratulations to all of our new inductees this year!  (Pictures not yet available.)

Junior Beta Inductees

6th Grade:
Samuel Boyd, Paige Cooke, Lakin Greathouse, Gracie Patterson, Luke Ross, Rebecca Short, and Landyn Wiggins

8th Grade:
Haley Patterson and Justice Simmons

Senior Beta Inductees

9th Grade:Cole Boyd, Zane Brooks, Kaylee Davis, Justice Ficek, Macey Greathouse, Austin Hayes, Ben Sanford, McKayla Smith and Hannah Yarborough

2016-17 Beta Club Induction

2015-16 Induction

The 2015-2016 induction ceremony took place on Wednesday, December 2,  for candidates and their families.

2015 Induction Group Photo

2015-16 Service Project:  Project Linus

IMG_2530 IMG_2532

Left: Beta members Madison Callahan and Kaitlyn Bender (7th), make a blanket a work of art!  Right: Noah Puckett (7th) and Chandler Hobgood (8th) work on a sports blanket for donation.

We will also be participating with the Operation Christmas Child Collection and donating along with the CCS 1st grade.

Chapter Officers

The National Beta Club holds annual elections for officers early each fall.



  • President – Cade Carlson
  • Vice President – Austin Hayes
  • Secretary – Tiffany Steffensen
  • Treasurer – Kelcee Anderson


  • President – Dawson Campbell
  • Vice President – Madison Moyer
  • Secretary – Kyra Corrigan
  • Treasurer – Cade Carlson


  • President – Lacie Steffensen
  • Vice President – Griffin Martin
  • Secretary – Abigail Shah
  • Treasurer – Tiffany Steffensen
  • Chaplain – Tyler O’Steen


  • President – Ashton Hayes
  • Vice President – Noah Carlson
  • Secretary – Lindsey Perry
  • Treasurer – Alexis Harrison
  • Chaplain – Dawson Campbell

2012 Updates
Annual Service Project: Vance County Animal Shelter

April 2012 was a busy month for the club.  Junior Beta Club mission work for the month of April included a trip to the Vance County Animal Shelter to visit and deliver bags of food for the animals. Each of the 24 members were to bring in a  bag of cat or dog food.  On April 19, the Junior Beta Club, along with their sponsor Lisa Williams, delivered the food to the shelter and were given a tour of the shelter. The employees at the shelter explained to the students that not only does the food donated help at the shelter, but also helps in the community with pets whose owners need assistance as well. The students were able to hold and love a puppy and kitten while on our trip and, of course, most wanted to bring them home. It was a great mission project and one our club will continue to offer here in our community. They came away with the blessing of knowing how a little effort can go a long way and help so many.

2012 Junior Beta Club Project - Duke Children's Hospital DonationJunior Beta also had a fundraiser at school during the month of April. The officers talked with each lower school class about what the Duke Children’s Hospital fundraiser was about and how spare change could help so many children. They placed jars in every class from K3 – 12th grade, and all the month of April our members filled and emptied the jars until April 30, when all jars were collected for a final count. The sponsor Lisa Williams never imagined at the end of the count the school would raise $669.91 for the hospital. She stated that her cup was full and what a blessing to have so the families in our school come together and send in spare change for this mission. The club plans to make the total an even $700.00 to send to the Duke Children’s Hospital, and the club would like to thank all parents and students for their efforts in this mission.

There was a prize for lower and for upper  school  for the class who collected the most. For Lower School, Ms. Garriss’ Kindergarten class will receive an afternoon of movies,  and for Upper School,  Ms. Greathouse’s  8th grade will receive a casual dress day. Along with this mission project, the Junior Beta Club donated $25.00 to the Ronald McDonald House along with the can tops they collected, which were delivered by our 4th grade class on their field trip. This was a wonderful mission project and one the Junior Beta Club will continue to participate in as well.

Sponsor: Mrs. Lisa Williams