Membership Requirements

Induction Requirements

Each prospective candidate must have attained the school minimum of one complete semester before being eligible and must be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, with a minimum GPA of 3.50 (2 decimal points; weighted). Detailed qualifications are in the documents below.

Transfer Students

The only exceptions are students who have transferred from another school in which they already were members of NHS. Those students (if they know they meet CCS requirements) should notify the adviser who will contact the previous school. If it is verified that the student left in good standing, that student may be eligible for induction during the first semester rather than having to wait until the second semester. It is important that the adviser be notified immediately upon enrollment at CCS; otherwise, the student will be considered a new student who must wait until second semester for possible eligibility.

To Maintain Membership

  • NHS – Service Hours to Maintain Membership | NHS – Community Service Hours Form – NHS members can use this form to log service project hours.
  • 3.50 GPA Minimum (Weighted):  Reports are run at the end of each semester to verify academic standing of NHS members; members falling below this GPA limit will be placed on probation for one semester to have one opportunity to bring it back up.
  • Behavior/Character:  Members must maintain a behavior standard worthy of NHS (no suspensions or other disciplinary action worthy of probation)