Student Council

Student Council is a student-based organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.  The Student Council at CCS consists of both student-elected officers (high school) and delegates (middle school/high school).  Students participating in Student Council must demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and actions.

The purpose of Student Council is to develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.  The Council promotes harmonious relations throughout the school and works to improve the relationships among faculty and students.  They serve as a voice for all students and bring issues or concerns to the school’s administration.  The Council also supports the school and community through various service projects.

2019-20 Student Council

The 2019-20 officers are the following:

  • Macey Greathouse – President
  • Hope Hollingsworth – Vice President
  • Kaylee Davis – Secretary
  • Taylor Bell – Treasurer

In addition to the four officers, the following students are representing their classes:

  • 6th grade:  
  • 7th grade:   
  • 8th grade:  
  • 9th grade: Pamela Stevenson & Paige Cooke
  • 10th grade:  
  • 11th grade:  
  • 12th grade:  Ashleigh Bennett & Haven Short

2018-19 Student Council

The 2018-19 officers are the following:

  • Kelcee Anderson—President
  • Tiffany Steffensen—Vice-President
  • Haven Short—Treasurer
  • Macey Greathouse—Secretary

In addition to the four officers, the following students are representing their classes:

  • 6th grade:  Zoe Johnson & Zeke Anderson
  • 7th grade:  Noah Newbern & Caroline Wiard 
  • 8th grade:  Gracie Patterson & Sam Boyd
  • 9th grade: Shelby Sawyer & Nicholas Shah
  • 10th grade:  Hope Macklin & Jesse Leonard
  • 11th grade:  Kaylee Davis & Ben Sanford
  • 12th grade:  Megan Stainback & Noah Pendergrass

Valentine’s Parents’ Night Out – Feb. 15, 2019

On Friday, February 15, our Student Council will be hosting a night of child care. Use this time to take your spouse out to dinner or enjoy some quiet time at home. While you’re out having fun and enjoying the evening, your kids will be playing games, watching a movie, and completing a Valentine craft. They will need to bring their own snack for after school, and we will provide pizza for dinner and an additional snack. Festivities will begin after school and continue until 9:00 p.m.

The cost of this event is $15 per child for the first two children and $10 for each additional child in your family.  All money goes to the Student Council of CCS.

Reservation forms are available at the front office, also.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, Feb. 13. We will not accept late registrations due to the preparation involved for this event—thank you for understanding!

Contact the Student Council sponsor, Mrs. Choplin, at
Kelly Choplin, College Admissions Counselor