Box Tops & Labels

Box Tops for Education

Classrooms will earn 10¢ for each box top with the Box Tops for Education logo printed on it.  Please turn in box tops to your child’s homeroom teacher.  You can sign up online to print coupons, shop online, and track the school’s earnings.

Download a list of participating products.

NEW WAYS to collect box tops! Food Lion has monthly promotions of certain products that earn additional box tops.

  1. You must purchase what is listed on the monthly promotion.
  2. You have to scan your MVP card.
  3. You do not have to be registered with the LionShare program or have your MVP card linked to our school.
  4. You should receive a printed coupon with your reward box tops at checkout. If your coupon does not print out, keep your receipt and call Catalina Marketing (727-579-5000). They are responsible for the printed coupons at the registers. Unfortunately, sometimes the coupons do not print as they should, so that’s why you might have to call to confirm what you purchased and to have the bonus box tops mailed to you.
  5. Turn in your printed coupon to the school.
  6. Offers are valid more than once.

*** Please note: Many other grocery stores have similar promotions. ***

Tyson Project A+

In your grocer’s freezer section, look for Tyson Products that display the Project A+ logo. There are two types of labels accepted by Tyson:

  1. Look for the 1, 2, 3 label with scissor marks around it OR
  2. Look for the black box with scissor marks around it that says Support Your School.

Each label is worth 24¢ cash!  Turn in labels to your child’s homeroom teacher or drop them off in the school office.

Tyson - Support Your School

Labels for Education

Clip and save UPCs and beverage caps from participating products (Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farms, etc.).  Barcodes must be included.  CCS earns points from these labels that can be redeemed for free school equipment.  Sign up online to track our school’s progress and to find out more information about the program.

Download a list of participating products.