Peanut Roasters

2018 Schoolwide Fundraiser
November 12-November 28

  • Proceeds from Lower School help meet lower school needs. Examples:
    2014 – Funds used to help purchase new risers for the stage.
    2015/2016 – Funds used to continue improving technology in Lower School classrooms.
  • Upper School Funds accrue in class accounts:
    To help offset costs of future trips and events (prom, senior trip, etc.).

Orders for this delicious Christmas gift to family, friends, teachers, coworkers, or yourself are due by November 28.

Deliveries to students will begin on Friday, December 10.

Order form and descriptions:

Peanut Roaster Order Form | 2018 Peanut Roasters – 1-page Flyer

— Sponsored by the Junior Class 

All questions go to junior class sponsor, Ryan Russell, at